Great Films You (Probably) Don't Know

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A handpicked selection of underappreciated films...
...But we don't tell you what you're coming to see!

Free entry! (First come, first serve)

Box office opens at 7pm, film starts at 8pm


Ever take a chance on a film you’re not familiar with, only to discover you love it? One you told friends, family and colleagues seek out? That, my friends, is cinevangelism.

It’s natural to love the familiar. So we’re not going to tell you what you’re coming to watch. We’ll give you a synopsis and a genre, maybe more, but we’re basically asking you to go in blind and trust us.

What films are in the lineup?

Independent flicks which couldn’t afford wide release. Mainstream movies buried by bigger releases. Movies the studios didn’t know how to market.
Some are exceptional. Some are imperfect yet ambitious. Others are just great examples of their respective genres. The thing they all have in common is that they deserve a wider audience.

Every other Sunday, come along, take a chance and be pleasantly surprised. And if you like our choices, spread the word – Cinevangelise to others!

Tickets are available free from the bar from 7pm – First come, first serve. Films begin at 8pm.

Please note: In order to preserve surprises, some synopses or given genres may deliberately mask the full scope of the film. If in doubt, don't take the risk...!


  7 JANUARY 2024 - A Late Quartet

After 25 years performing together, a renowned group of musicians are forced to consider their future when an unexpected setback threatens to finally lay bare decades of simmering issues

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... The Ice Storm

  21 JANUARY 2024 - Sharper

A sensitive young man who owns a secondhand bookstore is quickly enchanted by a particular customer becomes determined to stand by her when she finds herself in a frightening predicament

Crime drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Matchstick Men

  4 FEBRUARY 2024 - Saint Frances

A thirtysomething feeling left behind as her friends marry and have children decides to take on a job being a nanny for the precocious daughter of a wealthy couple

Comedy drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Juno

  18 FEBRUARY 2024 - Giant Little Ones

Two popular teen boys who have been friends since childhood have their entire lives dramatically upended after the unexpected events of a single birthday party

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Boys Don't Cry

  3 MARCH 2024 - Not Okay

A young photo editor at a website with aspirations of becoming a writer decides to fake her way towards a better social media presence, but real world events conspire to complicate her plan

Comedy drama  |  You may like it if you liked... The Bling Ring

  17 MARCH 2024 - Ondine

A divorced, formerly alcoholic fisherman is mocked by his peers and struggles to look after a daughter with failing health, until one day an extremely unexpected catch changes his life

Romantic drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Meet Joe Black

  31 MARCH 2024 - Fair Play

A young couple who keep their involvement covert to avoid falling foul of the rules at the hedge fund they both work at find an unexpected development at the office adding extra strain to ther relationship

Drama thriller  |  You may like it if you liked... Gone Girl

  14 APRIL 2024 - The Light of the Moon

Following a traumatising experience on a night out, a young architect discovers that regaining balance and normalcy in both her life and her relationship is more challenging than she anticipated

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Manchester by the Sea

  28 APRIL 2024 - Standing Up, Falling Down

Years after leaving in hopes of big city success, a young stand up comic is forced to return home in shame to live with his parents, where his self-pity is interrupted when he strikes up an unlikely friendship

Comedy drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Begin Again


  12 MAY 2024 - How to Blow Up a Pipeline

Eight unlikely associates gather together at an abandoned shack in the desert to execute a meticulous plan. What brought each of them there is revealed gradually in the tense, topical thriller

Thriller  |  You may like it if you liked... Widows

  26 MAY 2024 - Blue Jay

While back in his hometown dealing with the estate of his late mother, a man is surprised to bump into a former acquaintance but the two quickly begin to reconnect as the night unfolds

Romantic drama  |  You may like it if you like... Before Sunrise

  9 JUNE 2024 - Blood on her Name

A single mother finds herself in a messy situation following an unexpected altercation in the garage she runs, but panic and morality impairs her judgement in this mesmerising Southern Gothic thriller

Crime thriller  |  You may like it if you liked... Good Time

  23 JUNE 2024 - You Are So Not Invited to my Bat Mitzvah

A pair of teenage girls have both their lifelong friendship and their long-held shared dreams of epic coming-of-age ceremonies severely complicated by escalating high school dramas

Comedy  |  You may like it if you liked... Mean Girls

  7 JULY 2024 - Montana Story

A family tragedy brings a pair of estranged siblings back to the remote ranch they once called home, forcing them to finally confront unresolved issues from their past

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... August: Osage County

  21 JULY 2024 - Emily the Criminal

A young food delivery contractor desperate for steady income to pay off seemingly insurmountable student debt is offered a shady alternative way to make money as a favour by a colleague

Crime thriller  |  You may like it if you liked... Drive

  4 AUGUST 2024

The warden of a death row prison wrestles with the impact of her decisions on her life and soul while the end gets ever closer for a prisoner who has always maintained his innocence

Drama  |  You may like it if you like... Michael Clayton

  18 AUGUST 2024

A teacher in a relationship which modern technology has certified as true love takes a job at an institute which works with couples to incite or strengthen feelings of romantic love

Romantic sci-fi drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind