Great Films You (Probably) Don't Know

Alternate Sundays at the Park Tavern
Park Lane, Macclesfield


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A handpicked selection of underappreciated films...
...But we don't tell you what you're coming to see!

Free entry! (First come, first serve)

Box office opens at 7pm, film starts at 8pm


Ever take a chance on a film you’re not familiar with, only to discover you love it? One you told friends, family and colleagues seek out? That, my friends, is cinevangelism.

It’s natural to love the familiar. So we’re not going to tell you what you’re coming to watch. We’ll give you a synopsis and a genre, maybe more, but we’re basically asking you to go in blind and trust us.

What films are in the lineup?

Independent flicks which couldn’t afford wide release. Mainstream movies buried by bigger releases. Movies the studios didn’t know how to market.
Some are exceptional. Some are imperfect yet ambitious. Others are just great examples of their respective genres. The thing they all have in common is that they deserve a wider audience.

Every other Sunday, come along, take a chance and be pleasantly surprised. And if you like our choices, spread the word – Cinevangelise to others!

Tickets are available free from the bar from 7pm – First come, first serve. Films begin at 8pm.

Please note: In order to preserve surprises, some synopses or given genres may deliberately mask the full scope of the film. If in doubt, don't take the risk...!


  6 JANUARY - Leave No Trace

A father and daughter living in secret in a public park find their lives turned upside down when events force them to face reintegrating into the society they long ago abandoned

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Room

  20 JANUARY - Wind River

When a Fish & Wildlife agent discovers a woman's body in bizarre circumstances in a Native American reservation, he must assist a rookie FBI agent trying to find the truth behind the tragedy

Thriller  |  You may like it if you liked... Sicario

  3 FEBRUARY - Hearts Beat Loud

Determined to make the most of the time he has with his daughter before losing her to college, a widower who runs an independent record store becomes convinced she's missing her true calling

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... The Kids are Alright

  17 FEBRUARY - Love, Simon

A secretly gay teenager finds an outlet for his anxiety when he discovers an anonymous student at his school is also in the closet, finally giving him the chance to correspond with someone who understands him

Romantic Comedy  |  You may like it if you liked... Easy A

  3 MARCH - The Survivalist

Deep in a forest in a dystopian world is a man who has maintained a covert, self-sustaining home for years but is finally forced to deal with an intrusion from the outside world

Romantic comedy  |  You may like it if you liked... When Harry Met Sally

  17 MARCH - The Dark Horse

A former chess prodigy hobbled by mental illness is entrusted to the care of his biker brother, but seeks purpose and stability in a chess club for underpriveleged children

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Shine

  31 MARCH - In Good Company

A veteran ad salesman has his life shaken up when the magazine he works for is purchased by multinational and an inexperienced young go-getter half his age is given his job

Dramedy  |  You may like it if you liked... Elizabethtown

  14 APRIL - Puzzle

A suburban mother whose family take her for granted discovers a hidden talent for solving jigsaw puzzles, leading her to forge a connection that finally pulls her out of her sheltered life

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Shirley Valentine

  28 APRIL - Brigsby Bear

A young man who has grown up alone with his parents in a bunker, safe from the irradiated Earth outside, is left adrift when he loses his beloved TV show about an heroic space-faring bear

Comedy drama  |  You may like it if you liked... The Disaster Artist


  12 MAY - Eye in the Sky

An operation to capture a British Jihadi in Kenya, overseen in the UK and using the US army for surveillance takes an unexpected turn beginning a tense race against time to prevent an attack

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Buried

  26 MAY - The Red Turtle

A man finds himself shipwrecked on a tropical island with only the wildlife for company in this magical, meditative and minimalist recounting of a lifetime rendered in stunning yet simple animation

Animated fantasy drama  |  You may like it if you like... Pixar shorts

  9 JUNE - Small Town Crime

An alcoholic ex-cop finds the body of a young woman and becomes hell-bent on finding the killer despite being stymied by both his ex-colleagues and his own improvisational methods

Crime mystery  |  You may like it if you liked... In Bruges

  23 JUNE - Ingrid Goes West

An unhappy girl suffering mental health issues becomes convinced that a trendy lifestyle blogger may be the answer to her woes and sets out to become her best friend by any means necessary

Black comedy  |  You may like it if you liked... To Die For

  7 JULY - A Crooked Somebody

A charlatan who convinces the gullible that he can communicate with the spirit world is confronted by a criminal haunted by an undiscovered murder in his past

Drama thriller  |  You may like it if you liked... Nightcrawler

  21 JULY - Ruby Sparks

An acclaimed young novelist struggling with writer's block following the end of his one long-term relationship finally finds inspiration by writing about a woman he has literally been dreaming about

Romantic drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Stranger Than Fiction

  4 AUGUST - Marjorie Prime

A grandmother starting to lose her memory is aided by a hologram of her late husband provided by her family in this elegaic, contemplative look at how we construct our memories of those we love

Drama  |  You may like it if you like... Black Mirror

  18 AUGUST - The Tale

A documentarian finds herself questioning her memories when her mother digs up a story she wrote as a child that seems to conflict with her own recollection of that period of her past

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Waltz with Bashir


  1 SEPTEMBER - The Incredible Jessica James

An aspiring playwright in New York whose exuberant confidence masks insecurities is trying to get over a recent breakup when a friend sets her up with someone still dealing with a recent divorce

Romantic comedy  |  You may like it if you liked... Trainwreck

  15 SEPTEMBER - Whip It

A teenager forced into beauty pageants against her will by her overbearing mother discovers an unexpected outlet in a raucous, all-female contact sport that finally gives her a sense of belonging

Dramedy  |  You may like it if you liked... Lady Bird

  29 SEPTEMBER - Between Us

A pair of Bohemian thirtysomethings consider buying an apartment together, the symbolism of the proposed responsibility causing both to reevaluate their relationship as fears bubble to the surface

Romantic drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Blue Valentine

  13 OCTOBER - Mudbound

In the 1940s American South, a black farming clan must deal with the arrival of a white household, but both have family members in the war whose return lays bare the simmering racial tensions

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... 12 Years a Slave

  27 OCTOBER - Tucker & Dale vs Evil

A group of churlish college students heading to a holiday at a cabin in the woods encounter a pair of intimidating rednecks, but this clichéd setup doesn't play out the way you expect in this bloody farce

Horror Comedy  |  You may like it if you liked... Jennifer's Body


A newly-single recovering alcoholic is left with nothing when her house is repossessed following a bureaucratic error, but her fight to get it back is complicated when an immigrant family buys it at auction

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Little Children


A neophyte novelist spends several days interviewing a writer widely considered to be the voice of his generation for a magazine profile in this languid, introspective and dialogue-driven true story

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Almost Famous


A popular school hockey star has his promising future derailed by a severe injury, until one of his high school contemporaries offers him a shot at regaining control of his life

Crime Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Collateral