Great Films You (Probably) Don't Know

Alternate Sundays at the Park Tavern
Park Lane, Macclesfield


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A handpicked selection of underappreciated films...
...But we don't tell you what you're coming to see!

Free entry! (First come, first serve)

Box office opens at 7pm, film starts at 8pm


Ever take a chance on a film you’re not familiar with, only to discover you love it? One you told friends, family and colleagues seek out? That, my friends, is cinevangelism.

It’s natural to love the familiar. So we’re not going to tell you what you’re coming to watch. We’ll give you a synopsis and a genre, maybe more, but we’re basically asking you to go in blind and trust us.

What films are in the lineup?

Independent flicks which couldn’t afford wide release. Mainstream movies buried by bigger releases. Movies the studios didn’t know how to market.
Some are exceptional. Some are imperfect yet ambitious. Others are just great examples of their respective genres. The thing they all have in common is that they deserve a wider audience.

Every other Sunday, come along, take a chance and be pleasantly surprised. And if you like our choices, spread the word – Cinevangelise to others!

Tickets are available free from the bar from 7pm – First come, first serve. Films begin at 8pm.

Please note: In order to preserve surprises, some synopses or given genres may deliberately mask the full scope of the film. If in doubt, don't take the risk...!


  10 APRIL - American Animals

A pair of aimless students who dream of more exciting lives discover an enormously valuable item lies within easy reach and the duo decide to attempt one of the most audacious heists in history

Crime drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

  24 APRIL - Grand Piano

Years after an embarassingly public failure, an acclaimed pianist returns to the stage to pay tribute to his mentor, but finds the performance is far more stressful than he ever could have feared

Thriller  |  You may like it if you liked... Phone Booth

  8 MAY - The Fundamentals of Caring

An emotionally drained writer escaping a difficult past retrains as a caregiver, only to find his first assignment is a foul-mouthed teenager requiring full-time support for his muscular dystrophy

Comedy Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... About a Boy

  22 MAY - Fast Colour

In a near-future world plagued by drought, a young woman running from unknown pursuers with a sinister interest in her is forced to return to the one refuge left

Drama Thriller  |  You may like it if you liked... Logan

  5 JUNE - Year of the Dog

A mild-mannered single woman is devastated by the loss of her beloved dog, but her attempts to reorient after losing her constant companion force her to reassess what really matters most to her

Comedy Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Lars and the Real Girl

  19 JUNE - Searching

A single father becomes concerned when his only daughter mysteriously goes missing and uses her devices to look for clues to her disappearance

Crime drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Memento

  3 JULY - The Mitchells vs The Machines

A technophobic father tries one last attempt to bond with his misunderstood teenage daughter via a road trip to college in this unique, manically hilarious and heartfelt animated adventure

Animated comedy adventure  |  You may like it if you liked... Free Guy


Two close childhood friends cross paths fifteen years after they nearly took their relationship to the next level, with the pair having diverged wildly in terms of their levels of success

Romantic comedy  |  You may like it if you liked... Long Shot

  31 JULY - All About Nina

A stand-up comedienne known for her 'angry' act heads to LA when she gets an audition that could be a shout at the big-time in this explicit, unapologetic and incisive character study

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Tully


  14 AUGUST - Late Night

A legendary evening talk show host, realising that she's become complacent and fallen behind competitors, tries to shake things up by adding some diversity to her writing staff

Dramedy  |  You may like it if you liked... As Good as it Gets

  28 AUGUST - Shithouse

At a college far from home, a senstive loner struggling to adjust to the excessive college lifestyle decides to make a last go of it by visiting a party which may end up finally changing his outlook

Romance  |  You may like it if you liked... Before Sunrise

  11 SEPTEMBER - While We're Young

An aimless documentary film-maker and his wife, both feeling isolated by their friends starting families, meet a pair of young fans who embody the free-spirited joie de vivre they fear losing

Comedy Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Keeping Up With the Joneses


When a renowned architecture professor falls ill, his estranged son is forced to return to the USA to see him, where he encounters a young girl who has planned to attend one of his fathers talks

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Lost in Translation


Traumatised after being attacked by a gang one night, a meek accountant makes the decision to learn how to defend himself in the future by taking up karate lessons at a local dojo

Comedy Drama Thriller  |  You may like it if you liked... Kick-Ass


A gambler who has lost everything trying to find money for a noble cause meets a suave older gent who offers him a way to recoup his money with no strings seemingly attached

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... The Color of Money


A husband and wife fleeing the conflict in Sudan are given temporary asylum in the UK, but gradually realise that some traumas cannot be left behind in a film both terrifying and thought-provoking

Horror Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Sinister


After years without any meaningful relationships, a lonely Parisian pizza delivery boy has a moment of human connection in this beautiful, inventive and thoroughly unusual animated tale

Romantic Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Isle of Dogs


After many years away, a sixty-something woman returns to spend Thanksgiving with her whole family, but an undercurrent of unspoken tension pervades the raucous gathering

Drama  |  You may like it if you liked... Rachel Getting Married


A woman begins to question how much she knows her partner when she is invited home for Christmas for the first time, only to discover her girlfriend still hasn't come out to her parents

Romantic Comedy  |  You may like it if you liked... Silver Linings Playbook